ASC Distance Education GE Course Design Institute

The ASC Office of Distance Education is partnering with the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning to offer a summer course design institute (CDI) focused on new and redesigned online courses for the new GE curriculum.

This institute will include asynchronous information modules with suggested course development activities and one-hour weekly synchronous sessions to be held on Thursdays at 11 AM EST (a total of six synchronous sessions) from June 21 - July 29, succeeded by two follow-up sessions on October 13 and December 8. This Distance Education GE Course Design Institute will provide support from the beginning of the design/redesign process through the College of Arts and Sciences course approval process and preparation for the initial course offering to students.   

Instructors participating in the ASC Distance Education GE Course Design Institute will do intensive course design work in the company of ASC faculty colleagues, instructional designers, and curriculum experts. This CDI will focus on developing online GE courses that are rigorous, engaging, accessible, inclusive, and built around evidence-based strategies for effective instruction and assessment. Participants who successfully complete this program can choose to complete and submit an IR portfolio to receive Instructional Redesign incentives.*  

Anticipated Outcomes 
As a participant in the course design institute, you can expect to:  

  • Determine how your course objectives connect with the goals and expected learning outcomes of the new GE categories and situate your course within the curriculum more generally. 
  • Employ “backwards design” principles to craft appropriate and effective assessment strategies for evaluating student learning of course objectives and expected learning outcomes.  
  • Identify distance learning tools and course delivery strategies to support student learning outcomes in an online learning environment. 
  • Create a course syllabus ready for ASC curricular approval, a course outline and template/sample pages in Carmen, assignments suited to meet the ELOs in the online environment and an assessment strategy to ensure success is meaningfully measured. 

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in this guided course development opportunity. 

* Full-time (.75 FTE) Instructors who successfully complete an IR portfolio are eligible for one-time compensation of $1,150 every five years. 


Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on how much progress you would like to make on your course. Participants that wish to get close to completing the course design process should plan to spend several hours per week working through the CDI asynchronous content and applying to one’s own course plan. Others that are unable to make this time commitment should expect to get a good framework and plan to continue the course development later. Either way, our team is prepared to adapt to your needs and individual goals for the CDI. 

No, all aspects of this summer CDI program will be held online. Feel free to participate remotely from your favorite summer beach resort or research location.  

Yes, participation in this CDI is limited to instructors developing a course for the new GE Program (Foundations or Theme course) in a a DL (Distance Learning) or DH (Distance Enhanced) instructional mode.  

Yes. The course can be one that you have taught before or never taught before. You will only be able to effectively participate in the CDI if you are working on a specific course applying the content of the CDI materials to your particular course.


We strongly recommend that you concentrate on only one course so that you do not feel overwhelmed. However, the skills you learn from the CDI will be directly applicable to any course you will design or redesign from here on out. If you feel you need support and guidance as you work on another course design, the ASC Office of Distance Education would be happy to meet with you one-on-one after you finish the CDI.  

Yes, although you may not be eligible for compensation related to the IR Portfolio, if you have already completed this program. 



Possibly, the CDI is open to anyone who teaches or is charged with developing a DL (Distance Learning) or DH (Distance Enhanced) GE course can participate. If you are not sure if you qualify, send us an email ( and we can discuss your situation.  

We hope so, and you should at least have a significant start. If you don't finalize your syllabus within this short timeframe, you'll have all the information to complete your syllabus when you are able. 

Yes, you can work as a pair. Please indicate in the “Additional Notes” section of your application your partner’s name and the nature of your work together. 

We hope that you can attend all the live sessions as we see them as important for your overall experience and developing a community among the CDI participants.  However, we do understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and prevent you from attending one of the six sessions. We will strive to meet individually with participants who unexpectedly have to miss a session to help them catch up on the material.