Guided Course Creation Program

To Create New Online (DL, DH) General Education (GE) Courses

The Office of Distance Education in the College of Arts and Sciences has opened its Guided Course Creation program for online New GE courses to new applicants.

This self-paced, asynchronous experience is designed in modules that can be completed in as little as 6 weeks, or longer as needed. Program participants, with the active support of ASC Office of Distance Education Instructional Designers and staff, can expect to complete a syllabus and all other course proposal documents as well as make a significant start on Carmen design of content and assignments in preparation for teaching a DL or DH version of the GE course under development.

Faculty, associated faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in participating should fill out this form with their information and a short letter of endorsement from the department/unit chair or director attesting that the GE course being designed for online learning is a welcome addition to the curriculum and that the participant is eligible for the award.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to launch a new online GE course. The course is designed to enable you to...

Participants who complete the program will receive an award of $1500.

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Completion of the program is defined as completing each of the modules in the asynchronous Guided Course Creation Program and copying our office ( on an email in which completed course syllabus and supporting documents are sent to participant's home department/unit curriculum leaders.


To Apply:
Complete Guided Course Creation Program Application Form

There are some basic questions about you and the proposed course to answer on the form and you will be asked to upload a letter of support from your Department Chair/Unit Director.

The letter of support from Department Chair/Unit Director should attest:

  • The department/unit supports this course development work
  • The department/unit plans to offer the developed online New GE course in the next few years
  • The department/unit confirms that the applying faculty/associated faculty, staff, or graduate student is eligible to receive the $1500 program completion award ** (Many aspects of employment, such as visa status, can affect eligibility. Please contact your local fiscal representative to ensure your eligibility.)

The Department Chair/Unit Director can write their own letter of support or simply copy and adapt the letter template below. 

Have questions? Contact the ASC Office of Distance Education at

Department Chair/Unit Director Letter Template

As Chair or Director of _________ <unit> in the College of Arts and Sciences, I confirm that _________’s <applicant's name> work on ____________ <online GE course title> is an important addition to the curriculum in our unit that we would welcome and plan to offer. In accordance with university guidelines under the terms of their employment, the participant is eligible for the $1500 award that accompanies completion of the course and sharing of proposal materials with my unit’s curriculum leaders.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of support can I expect from ASC Office of Distance Education instructional designers and support staff?

A: Our office has a team of full-time instructional designers that will be available for whatever support makes sense for your course design goals. This can be as simple as scheduling a short zoom meeting to discuss details about specific design principles and best practices that can inform your choices for your course, or as complex as identifying tools and developing resources together  to accomplish your instructional goals.

Additionally, the ASC Distance Education Coordinator will be available to discuss and advise on any aspects related to preparing to successfully navigate the
ASC New GE Online course curriculum approval process.

Q. This sounds like a great program! Do I need to be in the College of Arts and Sciences to participate?

A. Yes, this program is specifically funded to support the creation of New GE Online courses in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Q: I am a graduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences, am I really eligible for this?

A. If your department assigns course development and proposals to graduate students and your chair or director (probably in consultation with your advisor) attests this program is a good fit for you and the course under consideration, yes.

 Q. I am an international graduate student. Am I eligible?

A. Maybe. International graduate students have a range of Visa situations and current appointments. Our understanding, based on conversations with HR staff, is that students on F-1 Visas can participate provided they do the work when not taking classes or serving in a GTA appointment, for example, during the summer break. We are asking that departments verify eligibility to receive the financial award for participating and include this in the required letter of support.

Q: The program description specifies "new" course, what if I want to adapt an existing course?

A: If the proposed existing course has not yet been proposed for meeting a category of the New GE program and/or has not yet been approved for an online format, that is "new" enough to qualify for participation.

Q: I do not qualify for receiving payment, but I still would appreciate the opportunity to participate in the program and develop a new online GE course for my department, can I still participate?

A. Probably. Please explain this to your Department Chair and ask them to explain in your letter of support.

Q: How many participants will be accepted?

A: Our goal is to spur the development of 20 New GE Online courses!

Q: Is this FAQ section long enough?

A: Probably not! If you have other questions, please send them to The Office of Distance Education in the College of Arts and Sciences and we will do our best to answer