ASC Online Course Syllabi Examples

An ancillary and under-appreciated benefit to having a consistent syllabus design and format is it makes it easier for faculty colleagues to share course design and delivery ideas. We have often heard from faculty that they wish they had more course models and example syllabi to access as resources and inspiration in developing their own online courses. With this thinking in mind, we have assembled what we believe is an excellent collection of syllabi for DL courses that were proposed and approved during the 2021-2022 Academic Year. When gathering these examples, we tried to build a collection of syllabi that represented a broad range of academic areas and course design strategies. The instructors that developed each of these syllabi approved us sharing their syllabi as examples for our CDI and we plan to build on this collection for future CDIs and other instructional support resources.

This link will open the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee approved Distance Learning Syllabus template for you to download adapt as you plan your course. The sample syllabi here demonstrate the usage of this template to excellent effect:

STAT 3440 - Statistics in Quality
Synchronous delivery

SOC 3306 - Sociology of Poverty
Asynchronous delivery
Legacy GE course - Social Diversity in the United States

ENGLISH 3264 - Monsters Without and Within: Rogue Translators
Asynchronous delivery
New GE course - Theme: Citizenship for a Diverse and Just World
New GE course - Theme: Health and Well-being

COMPSTD 1100 - Introduction to the Humanities
Mostly asynchronous delivery
NEW GE Course - Foundations: Race, Ethnicity and Gender Diversity

COMM 3597.01 - International Perspectives on Communication
Synchronous delivery
Legacy GE course - Diversity: Global Studies
Cross-Disciplinary Seminar

ANTHROP 3301 - Modern Human Physical Variation
Mix of asynchronous and synchronous delivery